Subtraction of inertia and gravitation forces

Rykov A.V.


The gravitational, inertial, electrical and magnetic interactions with space environment result in its deformations. The acceleration of force gravitation sets deformation:



In the formula (1) with the purposes of economy of a paper place the value of acceleration of gravitation force for the Earth - 9.82 is already substituted. The received value of deformation gives notion about its real sizes. The acceleration of any mass results in deformation of environment:



Thus, the force of inertia is defined as elastic environment resistance to any body mass acceleration. Environment of substance sets such fundamental properties of substance as gravitation and inertia. It allows, changing size of deformation, to influence working force of gravitation; reducing value of inertial deformation, it is possible «to liquidate» inertia or to give it a «negative» properties.

The technology of influence on environment opens a way to a movement in environment without inertia and converting the environment elastic energy in energy of a substance. The ways of influence for structure of environment are well known. For example, the Moon creates in some area between the Earth and the Moon deformation of environment equal on size and opposite on direction to Earth deformation, that gives zero of gravitation at that area. The electrostatic intensity is capable to compensate gravity force; for example, the electrical intensity in environment equal 1.1402*1020 V/m, is capable to compensate force of gravitation of the Earth. Practically such way of influence on environment is unreal. The desirable result is received in experience [Рощин В.В., Годин С.М., 2000] with application of a variable magnetic intensity in environment by a rotary movement. According to the Maxwell formula , derivative on time for a magnetic induction gives electrical intensity in environment capable to compensate its deformation and to reduce the gravity of probe mass. For simplicity of estimation is possible to induce to the formula the linear speed of rotation of a rotor V in the converter . This electrical intensity causes deformation [m]. The given deformation was subtracted from gravitational deformation of environment, and the force of an attraction to the Earth will decrease: . This effect was observed at rotation of the converter. As in a rotor the located magnets rotated discretely, the average effect of reduction of gravity force about 35% is observed. Actually in some moments of time the influence of a variable magnetic induction in particular area of environment varies at rotation from limit, resulting to occurrence real electrons and positrons, up to zero and normal force of gravitation of the Earth. It turns out that is 35 % of change of force of gravitation on the average, and annihilation electrons and positrons, arising at depole break, derivates observable a radiation around the rotor.

Simultaneously to the specified effects of a luminescence and change of gravity force there is a reduction of rotor inertia. The component In the closed system of magnetic intensity will be, which action compensates the environment deformation of an axeleration origin. The reduction of inertia will cause effect of the accelerated rotation of a rotor in independence of the applied external rotary moment. This phenomenon was observed at revolutions of a rotor more than 550 rev/min. The experimenters admitted rotation of a rotor and feedback of the developed electric power in a circuit of the external consumer on time about 15 minutes and capacity up to 6 КWatt. The time was limited deliberately owing to the safety precautions, which conditions are not yet known. The start were carried out up to 80 times and each time all effects of work of the converter repeated. From the point of view of «empty space» physics the existence of similar «eternal» engines is simply absurd by virtue of the law of preservation of energy. The presence of substance environment has guarantees performance of this law: The elastic energy of structure of environment is converted in energy of substance with strict performance of the law of preservation of energy.

The introduction in consideration of environment objectively existing in a Nature, not only is capable to solve problems of knowledge of the Nature, but also gives opportunities for noninertial  of a movement without inertia, organization of antigravitation and source of the unlimited energy.


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(c) A.V.Rykov 2001


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