Mathematical representation of a nature of gravitation

й A.V.Rykov, Ph.D., Chief of Seismometry Lab of UIPE of the Russian Academy of Sciences



The review of all parities connected to gravitation is given below.

In a hypothesis about a nature of gravitation the important and interesting circumstance is revealed. Appeared, that in a hypothesis there are no any way entered and nothing proved parameters. Every, absolutely every parameters are already well-known from which follow a number of the values connected to vacuum and the theory of gravitation. This opening has stunned the author. All values and formulas on which there is a connection of new and known parameters in physics are given below.


1.       а- Return size of constant thin structure of radiation,

2.       - A magnetic constant of vacuum,

3.       а- An electric constant of vacuum,

4.       а- An elementary charge,


5.       а- A geometrical constant of space.


The most fundamental constants of our world are above shown only. Derivative values from the specified fundamental parameters are given below.


1.       а- A Plank constant,

2.       а- Speed of light under constant conditions of vacuum,

3.       а- Speed of light depending on acceleration from a gravity,

4.       а- An anonymous constant,

5.       а- A gravitational constant,

6.       а- Factor of polarization of vacuum,


7.       а- Polarization of vacuum,


8.       а- The given electric resistance of vacuum (?),

9.       а- dipole distance (a constant of a lattice) vacuum,

10.   а- "Red" border for a photon forming a pair a electron-positron,

11.   аааа- displacement of a dipole of vacuum,

12.   а- Factor of elasticity of one dipole,

13.   а- The given specific charge of mass,

14.   а- The specific charge of mass expressed through microparameters and macroparameters,

15.   а- Acceleration from a gravity depending on deformation of vacuum and, on the contrary,

16.   а- Deformation of vacuum depending on acceleration, as for a gravity, and any other acceleration,

17.   а- The unknown mass satisfying limiting acceleration,

18.   а- It appears, that x-mass is connected by a simple parity to Plank mass,

19.   а- An elementary charge which follows from unknown mass,

20.   а- Number of elementary charges in unknown mass,

21.   а- Difference on value of a charge of one sign from a charge of other sign,

22.   а- The minimal gravitational charge of electron or a positron mass.


23.   - confirmation of fidelity of the offered nature of gravitation is in definition of a corner of a deviation of beams of electromagnetic waves by gravitation, where a constant for a concrete beam:

24.   , Where , а- mass and radius of the Sun, а- mass and radius of any other object in space.


Value is fundamental parameter of vacuum and enters into formula Compton length of a electron wave m that differs from tabulated value in 8 mark on 5 units.


Have received in a result:

1.       Difference in values of charges of the dipole, necessary for occurrence habitual to us gravitation.

2.       Thus any voluntary parameter is not used. All conclusions are based on already existing and well-known values in physics.

3.       It is possible to assert with the full basis on that that the offered hypothesis of a nature of gravitation is unique true and to the greatest degree answers the Nature.




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